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Curling is for Everyone!

Whether you are young or old, physically active or not so much, experienced at curling or brand new to the game - Curling is for you!
We offer a fantastic range of curling opportunities that include:

  • Free beginner curling lessons

  • Multiple beginner-friendly curling leagues

  • Beginner-friendly fun curling tournaments

  • Junior curling program

  • Stick curling that is easier on the body

  • Golden Age Curling (60+)

  • Curling for visually impaired persons

  • And much more!

Learn more about the basics of curling here!

Two Minute Guide to the Sport of Curling

Curling Terms

Sheet: The playing surface upon which a curling game is played. It is approximately 150 feet in length.

End: when all of the rocks have been thrown to the other end and the score is decided.

Hammer: the last thrown rock in the end – and an advantage.

Rocks/Stone: 40 lbs of granite with a handle for throwing.

Curl: The amount a rock bends while travelling down the sheet of ice.

Hurry: What the skip yells trying to get you to sweep harder!

Hog Line: the line your rock must pass to keep the rock in play.

House: the rings/circles of play at each end of the sheet.

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